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Surf Wear Clothing at Water Worn25-Jun-15 12:37

Hi guys, our owners have just launched a range of surfwear clothing for the summer - Water Worn, so if you're into surfing, the beach scene or just want to look cool you will love it. 

Everything is high quality and made in the UK, they have some stunning designs that are sure to impress;
There's mens/womens hoodies, T-shirts and board shorts, there's also dresses and bikinis for the ladies, they also have some great Surf Accessories including board wax, hats, bags and stickers.
Check it out - www.waterworn.co.uk
Houston.... We had a problem06-Apr-12 16:51

Profileheaven would like to apologise......

Our servers suffered some major technical errors and as a result we've had to restart the entire site from scratch and unfortunately all of our members will have to sign up again.

We do accept that to most this may seem like a pain, but on the positive side it means all the usernames have been reset so people can now have names they want, no more annoying spam profiles & more chance of being on the front page for new members! 

We'll try to get you access to your old pictures using an old database in due course however, this will take time so please be patient. In the meantime if you have any queries, please go here

Once again, we would like to apologise and thank you for your cooperation at this time.

The Admin Team.

Profileheaven News Items29-Jan-11 10:46

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Welcome to ProfileHeaven, the best place to meet new people and to chat online on the net! Whether you're looking for fun, friendship, love, or a little something more, ProfileHeaven has got what you need! Sign up today.

If you would like to chat online check out our chat rooms (click link up top) with full webcam support and one to one private chats free of charge!  The people are friendly and it is fully moderated by our member based staff.

We also have a fantastic and busy forum where you can chat to intelligent and witty people, discuss current affairs or just the things you're in to.

Our dedicated search for people page lets you find people to chat online to or even better meet people based on age, gender, location and more! 

We hope that you will have a browse about and then come and join in!

Remember when you chat online you should keep yourself safe.  Our moderating staff can be contacted by the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page. 

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